“Pimp” my White Cane

Hi everyone!

Retina Youth (mature youth also welcome) are super excited to be bringing you our very first Custom Cane Creation Day!

For International W hite Cane Awareness Day in October we got together at Blind + Low Vision NZ in Auckland and designed some incredible pieces of art. Now it’s time to bring them to life!  Details below…

If you didn’t make it to our cane designing event last October, but still want to make a custom cane of your own – no worries! We will have sighted volunteers available on the day who can help you design a cane for yourself.

Or, if you can’t wait, we can email you our quick guide of what we can and can’t provide, plus we can send you the cane template so you can create your own design. If you can email it to youth@retina.org.nz before Christmas, we will do our best to source the materials you need – otherwise, you are more than welcome to bring your own!

When:   Sunday, 19th January 2020,      10:00am – 4:00pm
Where:  Awhina House - Recreation Hall,  Blind + Low Vision NZ,                                              545 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland

What to bring: It’s free! Just bring a creative mind, maybe some lunch if nibbles won’t cut it, and any friends/family that want to tag along.

RSVP: youth@retina.org.nz

We will be serving nibbles and drinks just like last time, and there will be a range of awesome accessible games you can play to get to know everyone while you’re waiting to make your cane with one of our wonderful volunteers. And if you feel like bringing some of your own help along, you’re welcome to – the more the merrier!

We are so excited to see what new designs we can come up with, and watch the come to life! See you next month!

💜, the team at Retina Youth