The Retina NZ Executive Committee


Elected from our membership, the Executive Committee is responsible for our day-to-day
management. The Committee must consist of no fewer than 5 elected officers up to a maximum of 7. Contact us if you would like to see a copy of our latest
annual report.

As of 2018 committee members are elected for a two year term, staggered so that approximately half the committee is re-elected each year at our AGM.

The Scientific & Medical
Advisory Board

This Board deals with scientific and medical matters. Its purpose is to help national research efforts to produce the best possible results through the exchange of information and co-operation. The SMAB also informs and advises Retina NZ in medical and research matters including;
• significant developments in the scientific and medical fields,
• the value of new treatments
• ethical issues.
SMAB members are honorary.

Meet the Committee


Mike Smith – Hamilton 

Vice President

Harriet Kay – Kapiti Coast


James Carrick – Hamilton

Committee Members

Ann Gray – Cambridge

Keri McMullan – Dunedin

Lola Mugisho - Auckland

The Scientific & Medical
Advisory Board

A/Prof. Andrea Vincent - Auckland
Dr Rachel Barnes - Auckland
Dr Emma Sandford - Katikati
Dr Keith Gordon - Toronto, Canada
Dr David Worsley - Hamilton
Dr Harry Bradshaw - Dunedin