Saving your Sight


How To Avoid Preventable Vision Loss.

A lot of vision loss is preventable and lifestyle choices play an important role in that. Nobody should smoke! We should definitely wear sunglasses when we go outside, eat well, exercise regularly, and it is a really good idea to get your eyes checked regularly – at least every 2 years, but if you are over 50 have them checked every year. Remember, just because you might have one eye condition does not mean you won’t get something else. In many cases secondary issues such as Macula Oedema, Cataracts, elevated eye pressures and other retinal issues can often occur in patients diagnosed with a degenerative retinal disorder.

Two-thirds of cataracts are caused by things we can modify. 65% of cataract progression is environmental, such as;

  • Exposure to ultraviolet light,
  • Not getting enough exercise, and
  • Poorly controlled diabetes almost doubles the chances of developing a cataract.
  • If you smoke, your risk of cataract goes up to almost double.
  • Heart disease is another risk factor. People who have heart disease or who have had heart attacks have a higher risk of getting cataracts as well.
  • People who regularly do some intense exercise halve the risk of cataract formation. That is, exercise that leaves you short of breath. If you can still talk easily that doesn’t count – so gardening or a gentle stroll is not enough.
  • Sunshine is not very good for your eyes; protect your eyes from damaging UV sunlight by wearing decent sunglasses with UV light protection.